Department of Tamil


The department was established in 1996 when the college was started. B.Litt. programme was established in the year 2002. The first batch of B.Litt., consisted of 55 students. Post Graduate studies in Tamil was started in the academic year of 2007- 2008 and it is going successfully. We had a student strength of Eleven in the I Batch. M.phil., programme which was established in the year 2010. At present 12 staff members are in our Department. All 12 have completed their M.Phil Degree. The department is proud to have 6Ph.D.'s. Currently 2staff members are doing Ph.D. 8 Staff Members got staff Approval in Bharathidasan University.6 Members have passed UGC NET Exam in the Tamil Department.

Programme Outcomes

B.Lit., Tamil
  • To learn social values
  • It will be able to write Tamil without error.
  • To get a job in the media.
  • Students are encouraged to update their knowledge through various online portals
  • To train the students to bring out their creating.
M.A., Tamil
  • Better opportunities in translating work.
  • To learn techniques of literature.
  • Job opportunities in cine industries.
  • Understand the usage of reference works.
  • To understand the importance of teaching profession.
M.Phil., Tamil
  • Get the skill of doing Ph.D research.
  • Ability to get cleared in competitive skills like IAS, IPS, TNPSC examination, TET, NET & SET.
  • To learn the tactics research.
  • Improve the skill of criticism by reading world famous researches.
Ph.D., Tamil
  • To enrich general knowledge and to develop creativity.
  • Get the skill of notify the list of secondary sources and enclosures in the research.
  • Explain chances to work at research institutes.
  • Understand the necessity of the usage of reference books.
  • Approach Tamil language on the philogical base.
Programmes Offered

M.A., Tamil.,
M.Phil. Tamil,

Industrial Visit

Dhanalakshmi srinivasan arts and science for women's , tamil department had arranged an industrial visit for i, iii b. Lit and i, iind m.a. students, and assistant professors Dr.K.Sumithra.Dr.N..Hemalatha,Mrs.P.Vanitha had taken responsibility for the students and took part in the industrial visit on 24.08.12. The students have gone to Thanjavur temples and palace it was useful for them to learn about history of tamil, epigraphy and moreover the students learned about ancient monuments, history of temples, statues from the spots they had visited.

Guest Lecture

Our department had organized Guest Lecture on "Oppttu Nokkil ulaka semmozhikal Under the auspices of DSCASW, the Department of Tamil" on 19.07.2013. The Founder-Chairman Shri.. Srinivasan, Dhanalakshmi Srinivasan Educational Institutions, presided over the function. Dr. Aruna Dinakaran, HOD of Tamil, welcomed the gathering.

Staff Traning

Our department had organized a staff training programme on 10.9.2013. The Resource person was Dr.Anitha Sophia Margaret, assistant professor, department of tamil, dscasw, had given a valuable speech about "Samooka Sikkalgalum Theervukalum".

Lab Facility

Computer O.H.P.

S.No Staff Name Award Place
1. Dr.arunadinaharan Illakiya odaga viruthu Loyala college chennai
Bachelor of littrature
Semester PART Title of the Paper
I I Language Course Tamil - I
II English Language Course - I
III Core Course-I, Ilakkiyam – 1 (Ikkala Ilakkiyam)
Core Course-II, Ilakkanam – 1 (Nannol – Paayiram, Sirappu Paayiram, Yezhuthathigaram (Kaandigai)
First Allied Course-I, Thamilaga Varalarum Panbadum
First Allied Course-II, Ilakkiyathil Manitha Unimaigal
II I Language Course Tamil – II
II English Language Course – II
III Core Course-III, Ilakkanam – 2 (Nannol – Sollathigaram Kandigaiurai)
First Allied Course-II, Ilakkiyathil Manitha Unimaigal
First Allied Course-III, Ilakkiyathiran
Environmental Studies
IV Value Education
III I Language Course Tamil – III
II English Language Course – III
III Core Course-IV, Ilakkanam– 3 (Thandiyalangaram Yaapparunkalakaarigai)
Second Allied Course – I Thamizh Mozhi Varalaru
Second Allied Course – II Nadaga Thamizh
IV Skill Based Elective – I
IV Non Major Elective –I Meiyiyal – K. Lakshmanam
IV I Language Course Tamil – IV
II English Language Course – IV
III Core Course – V Ilakkanam– 4 (Tholhappiyam- Yezhuthathigaram (Ilampuranar Urai)
Core Course – VI Ilakkiyam 2 (Sitrilakkiyam)
Second Allied Course – II Naadaga Thamizh
Second Allied Course – III Naatupuraviyal
IV Non Major Elective II Samoogaviyal
IV Skill Based Elective II
V III Core Course – VII Ilakkiyam 3 Samaya Ilakkiyam
III Core Course – VIII Ilakkiyam 4 – Kappiyangal
III Core Course – IX Ilakkanam 5 Nambiyagaporul, Puraporul Venbamalai
III Core Course – Ilakkanam 6 Tholhappiyam – Sollathigaram (Ilamporanar Urai)
III Major Based Elective – I Payanmurai Thamizh
IV Skill Based Elective – III
IV Skill Based Elective - IV
VI III Core Course – XI, Ilakkiyam 5 – Neethi Ilakkiyam
III Core Course – XII, Ilakkiyam 6 – Sanga Ilakkiyam
III Core Course – XIII, Ilakkanam 7 – Tholhappiyam, Porulathigaram (Seyiuliyal Neengalaga – Ilampuranar Urai)
III Major Based Elective II – Ithazhiyal
III Major Based Elective III – Kalvettiyal
IV Skill Based Elective V
IV Skill Based Elective VI
V Extension Activities
Master of Arts
Semester Title of the Paper
I CC I - Ikkala Ilakkiyam 1 Urainadai, Punaikathai
CC II - Ikkala Ilakkiyam 2 Nadagam, Kavithai, Puthukavithai, Marabukavithai
CC III – Ara Ilakkiyam 
CC IV – Bhakthi Ilakkiyam
CC V – Tholhappiyam EZhuthathigaram Natchinarkiniyar Urai
II CC VI – Kappiyam
CC VII – Sitrilakiyam
CC VIII – Ilakkiya Kolgaigal
CC IX – Tholhappiyam Sollathigaram Senavaraiyar Urai
Elective – I, Oppilakiyam
III CC X - Sanga Ilakkiyam
CC XI Tholhappiyam First  5 Iyalgal Ilampuranar Urai
CC XII – Aaraichi Nerimuraigal
Elective – II Makkal Thagaval Thodarpiyal
Elective – III Mozhi Peyarpiyal
IV CC XIII Tholhappiyam Porulathigaram (Ilampuranar Urai) Pin 4Iyalgal
CC XIV Naattupuraviyal
CC XV Project Work
Elective – IV Choose the Following Below
Semester Title of the Paper
01 Pothu Mozhiyiyal
02 Panniru Thirumuraigal
03 Vainava Ilakkiya Varalaru
04 Islamiya Thamizhilakkiya Varalaru
05 Penniyam
S.no Batch Name Rank
1 2010-13 S.Rajakumary 2nd Rank
2 2011-13 S.Malathi 20th Rank