The College staff members are doing various projects for the M.Sc and M.Phil students. Other than this they have operated the major research projects for benefit of farmers. These projects were sponsored by state and central Government Agencies. Students also attend the research trainings conducted by various reputed Institutions.

1 Biotechnology Dr.K.Muthukrishnan NMPB, New Delhi Identification and Production of Medicinal Plants for problem soils of Perambalur District of Tamilnadu. 32.20 Lakhs Submitted
2 Microbiology & Biotechnology Dr.P.Gajalakshmi, Dr.K.Muthukrishnan & Mrs.C.Sangavai DBT, New Delhi Training cum demonstration of various Biotechnological components on Rural Youth Population of Perambalur in Tamilnadu 31.18 Lakhs Submitted
3 Microbiology & Biotechnology Dr.K.Muthukrishnan, Dr.P.Gajalakshmi & Mrs.C.Sangavai NABARD, Chennai Training cum demonstration on Organic forming of Vegetable growing farmers in Perambalur District. 11.70 Lakhs Submitted
4. Biotechnology Ms.R. Sasidhara DBT,New Delhi Integrated Biotechnological approaches for instainability of farming income through training & Demonstration Rs.15.39lakh Completed
5. Microbiology Mrs.P.Gajalakshmi UGC Isolation and detection of antimicrobial substances from marine actinomycetes active against extreme drug resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis Rs.1,75,000 Completed
6. Mathematics Mrs. N Umamaheswari TNSTC, Chennai In-service Training Programme for Secondary Grade Science Teachers Rs. 80,000 Completed
7. Biochemistry Mrs.B.Pragadheswari TNSTC, Chennai Creation of Scientific Awareness among farmers, Self help group and Students Rs.65,000 Completed
8. Physics Dr.M.Mohamed Ibrahim TNSTC, Chennai Non conventional energy sources Rs.20,000 Completed
9. Microbiology Mrs.P.Gajalakshmi
Dr. K.Muthukrishnan
NABARD Awareness creation program on herbal plants cultivation and business opportunities Rs. 75,000 Completed
10. Biotechnology Dr.Nithya
Dr. K.Muthukrishnan
NABARD Identification and production of medicinae plants suitable for problem soil of perambaluur (DT) of Tamil Nadu Rs.32.20 (lakhs) Completed
11. Biotechnology Dr.Nithya
Dr. K.Muthukrishnan
SMBP CHENNAI Entrepreneur development and value addition of commercial important medicinal plants Rs. 75,000Completed
12. Biotechnology and Mcrobiology Mrs.T.Sheela
Ms R.Pavitra
Dr. K.Muthukrishnan
DBT,New Delhi Providing balance nutritive food to under privileged childhood in perambalur district of Tamil Nadu through nutritional supplement fortified with spirulina 24.72(lakhs)Completed
13. Biotechnology Dr. K.Muthukrishnan
Mrs.Baby Jooju
NABARD Empowermwnt of farmers and formwomen on the management of Non monetory inputs in crop production 86,000 Completed
14. Biotechnology Mrs.Baby Jooju TNSTC, Chennai In Service Training to secondary Grade Science Teachers 90,000 completed