Events 2011-2012

25.07.11- 28.07.11 English Bridge Course ' A ' Block Professor G.Balakrishnan
Former Vice principal,
St.Joseph 's college
& Mr. Mohamed Ibrahim
27.07.11 Commerce Career Development Programme in Job Opportunity courses Room No: 103 Dr.V.Bastin,
Assistant professor,
Department of commerce,
St.Joseph's college
27.07.11 Chemistry Guest Lecture on Supra molecular chemistry Auditorium Dr. K.Thanigaimani,
Assistant professor,
Rover college.
28.07.11 YRC & Exnora Awareness on eye donation Auditorium Mr.R.Govindan,
Lions club President, Trichy
29.07.11 MCA Training program on "System Assembling & Troubleshooting" Info Park Mr.M.Rajendran,
System manager,
Network Team, DS Groups
29.07.11 MBA Career Guidance programme on emotional Intelligence Auditorium Mr.A.Velsamy,
Dean i/c,
Care school of business management
29.07.11 Maths Orientation programme in mathematics MBA Block Faculty members of Maths Department
5.8.11 Commerce Holding company-guest lecturer Seminar hall Mr.Arul Das,
Assistant professor,
St.Joseph college, trichy
5.08.11 CA,CS & IT Career oriented programme Auditorium SRM infotech
9.08.11 & 10.08.11 HRDC Seminar and workshop on ASP.NET, RED HAT LINUX, JAVA Auditorium Ms.N.Anitha, Ms. Gayathri, Mr.Subramaniyam,
Mr. Karuppaiya, Ms.Sumathy
Griffin education pvt ltd,
10.08.11 Physics Characterization techniques Seminar hall Prof.I.Cicil Ignatius,
HOD, Department of science and humanities,
Srinivasan Engineering college,
15.08.11 College Independence day celebration Ground Shri.A.Srinivasan, Founder and Chairman, DS Groups, Perambalur
18.08.11 & 19.08.11 HRDC Introduction to clinical laboratory automation Auditorium & UG BT lab Mr.Siva kumar unit head,
Mr.Babu, Mr. Musphar service engineers,
,Mr. Sree Krishna Area manager,
CPC Diagnostics Chennai.
19.08.11 NSS Yoga training Mess hall upstairs -
19.08.11 Consumer club Consumer rights and duties Auditorium Mr.Senthil Kumar, Head &
co-ordinator, consumer club, perambalur
HRDC Face the future(PDP for 1st PG) Auditorium & R.No:310, ' A ' Block Mr.Manickam david jebakumar,
Lamps institute of learning,
26.08.11 CA & MATHS Workshop - photoshop and corel draw Info park Mr.B.Manikandan MCA, Manager, CSC Computer education,Trichy
26.08.11 Bio-chemistry Biodiesel-fuel for the future Seminar hall Mr.R.Senthil, M.Sc,M.Phil, Ph.D.
Assistant professor,
department of biochemistry, MIET college of arts & science, trichy
27.08.11 Chemistry GL-NMR in organic synthesis Auditorium Dr.S.Muthusamy,
Professor of chemistry,
27.08.11 BT & BI GL-SYSTEM BIOLOGY Seminar room Dr.Chellaponel,
Assistant professor,
Department of BI,
29.08.11 English Guest lecture on new perspectives of literary criticism Auditorium Dr. T.Jayakumar,
Associate professor,
Periyar EVR college,Trichy
29.08.11 EXNORA Induction of office bearers R.no:310 Mr.P.Mohan, president,
Student exnora, trichy
30.08.11 Micro-
International conference on microbiology for better tomorrow Auditorium Dr.A.Sethuraman,
Assistant professor, dept of Microbiology,
Mekelle university, Ethiopia
Dr.K.Sudesh kuamr,
Assistant professor, BT & MB
Program scholar of biology science, Malaysia
5.09.11 Tamil Teacher 's day celebration Auditorium Mrs.K.Baghirathi, principal i/c,
DSCASW, Perambalur
10.09.11 College Alumae meet & Parents teacher association Auditorium Shri.A.Srinivasan, Founder and Chairman, DS Groups, Perambalur
HRDC Training programme &campus interview Auditorium Mr.Santhosh rajan & Mr.Pattabiraman, India Healthcare solutions pvt ltd, Chennai
14.09.11 Tamil Herbal medicine R.no:310 Mr.N.Narathan, Herbal medicine,trichy
19.09.11 HRDC Career development programme by frankfinn on Air Hostess Training academy Auditorium Mr.Rathna Giri, Business development executive,
Mrs. Kamale Shetty, Air hostess academy, Trichy
21.09.11 Exnora Campus cleaning Campus -
22.09.11 Bio-chemistry Awarness programme on food adulteration Seminar hall Bio-chemistry Department staffs
23.09.11 Micro-biology Workshop on immunological and molecular techniques PG Micro-biology lab Mr.P.Satheesh kumar, Application specialist,
Medox pvt ltd, chennai
24.09.11 English Guest lecture on language linguistics : An overview Seminar hall Dr.Laura Dameris chellajyothi,
Assistant professor,
Department of English,
School of English and other foreign language,
Bharathidasan university, Trichy
24.09.11 Chemistry National Symposium on recent advances in chemistry Auditorium Dr.S.Sabiah, Department of chemistry, Pondicherry university, puducherry
Dr.S.Muthusamy, Professor,
School of chemistry, Bharathidasan university, trichy
Dr. M.Sethuraman, professor,
Department of chemistry,
Gandhigram Rural institute, Gandhigram
27.09.11 HRDC Seminar on programming Technologies since Inception now and future trends Auditorium Mr.S.L.Dennis, CEO,
Intergrity solutions,chennai
28.09.11 & 29.09.11 Physics International workshop on Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Auditorium Dr.Hariharan, Lead scientist,
GE Technology centre pvt ltd,
Mr.Jay Jethwa, Director, Australia
30.09.11 Biotechnology & Bioinformatics National Symposium on
New Horizon in Biotechnolgy
Auditorium Dr.Thirunalasundari,
Prof,Dept of Biotechnolgy,BDU.
Dr.N.Prakash Prabhu,
Asst.Prof,Dept of Biotechnolgy
University of Hydrebad.
Asst.Prof,Dept of Biotechnolgy
Periyar Maniammai University
Tanjore .
3.10.11 Rotract Fresher's orientation programme Auditorium Rtn.M.Venkatesh, president(2011-2012)
Rotary club, Perambalur
4.10.11 college Pooja Celebration College Campus Shri.A.Srinivasan, Founder and Chairman, DS Groups, Perambalur.
14.10.11 HRDC Campus Interview By
WIPRO Technologies
Auditorium Mr.Lavanam Amballa,
Asst.Manager-Talent Acquisition,
Wipro Technologies,Chennai.
31.10.11 BT, MB & BC Out Reach Programme Govt,Hr,Sec School,
Shri.A.Srinivasan, Founder and Chairman, DS Groups, Perambalur.
02.11.11 HRDC Campus Drive By Cogent Infotech Techno Park Mr.Santhosh
Cogent Infotech,Perambalur.
16.11.11 HRDC Campus Drive By
Mahindra Sathyam
Auditorium Mr.Timothy Samson,Hr-
Mahindra Sathyam,Chennai
17.11.11 Chemistry & Tamil Out reach programme on adolescent girls and hygiene Govt.HSC, Kurumbalur, Perambalur Mrs.Hepsiba, Ms.Punitha, Department of Chemistry,
Mrs. Panchaiyamal, Mrs.Deepa,
Dept of Tamil, Lecturers of DSCASW.
11.11.11 CA Staff training programme in multi media CA lab Mrs.K.Komail, lecturer Dept of CA, DSCASW
26.11.11 BT & Bio Informatics Out reach Programme on Bio fertilizer methods and its application Nochiyam Mrs. Baby Juju, lecturer Dept of BT & BIF
7.12.11 & 8.12.11 HRDC FDP- Influencing skills, target setting and team work Auditorium Mr.Prakash and Mr.Sankar,
Seiger training ltd., Chennai
9.12.11 Bio Chemistry Internal staff training programme Bio chemistry lab Ms.G Margret, Lecturer, Dept of Bio Chemistry DSCASW
16.12.11 HRDC Campus Interview by HCL, Chennai Auditorium Mr.Nandakumar, HR, HCL
19.12.11 & 20.12.11 Chemistry Hands - on-training in textile printing. Auditorium Mr. R. Surendran (Instucter, Indian institute of handloom technology, Salem)
16.12.11 BT & BIF Scope and job prospective in clinical research PG BT lab Mr.P.Anandapadmanavan
21.12.11 Physics Career orientation programme on motivating students to excel in NET, SLET, JRF examinations Seminar hall Dr.R.Radhakrishnan, Ast.Prof. Department of Physics, Jamal Mohammed college, Trichy.
22.12.11 Consumer Club Bogus advertisement and their impact on consumer Auditorium Mr.S Senthil Kumar, Regional coordinator . cosumer club Trichy zone.
22.12.11 Tamil Women through ages( Srinivasan Endowment lecture) Room no:310 Ms.Thilagavathi(Tamil university Thanjore).
22.12.11 Mathematics Ramanujam day celebration MBA block Mrs. Baghi Rathi, Principal i/c, DSCASW
22.12.11 RRC Exposure visit on community care centre Senjeri RRC voluntaries.
26.12.11 DSCASW Sales Dhamaka DSCASW Mrs.Ananthalakshmi kathiravan,
Vice-chairman, DS group, Perambalur
27.12.11 HRDC Training on "The Great mind challenge contest" by IBM Auditorium Mr. B. Sivathanulingam, IBM, Banglore
28.12.11 English Developing language skills Auditorium M.Shamena Jerin Araselvi, Ast.Prof Allagappa University, Karaikudy
29.12.11 NSS Plastic awareness programme Auditorium Kalaivani, Lecturer, BT
31.12.11 DSCASW New year celebration DSCASW Chairman, DS groups
3.1.12 MBA & Biochemistry Interview skills and soft skill training programme Auditorium Mr.P Saravanapandi
6.1.12 Commerce Issue awareness programme Seminar hall Mr.P.Praveen Kumar (Insurance Agent)
6.1.12 Physics Personality Development programme on complete communication Auditorium Mr.R Murali (Programme executive, All India radio, Chennai)
7.1.12 DSCASW Pongal day celebration DSCASW Chairman ,DSCASW
9.1.12 HRDC Campus drive by All Sec technologies,Chennai Auditorium Mr.Prakash Balu, HR executive Allsec Technologies, Chennai
9.1.12 YRC & EXNORA Women health Auditorium Mrs.Pragatheswari, Lecturer, Biochemistry & Mrs.Amala,Lecturer, DSCASW,
9.1.12 Commerce Time Management Seminar hall Mr.Benitto Amirthan,Advocate,Madurai
10.1.12 HRDC Campus interview by Scientific Publishing Services, Trichy Auditorium Mr.Sanjay Karthikeyan,HR,SPS
11.1.12 HRDC Campus drive by Cyber Slash Support Auditorium Mr.Srivasthsan Raju, HR, CSS
11.1.12 Tamil Guest lecture on Comparitive lecture Room no 213, ' B ' block Ms.Meerabai, Lecturer, Hindi Dept, DSCASW
12.1.12 & 13.1.12 HRDC & MBA Workshop on communication & Interpersonal skill training programme 111 room ' A ' block Mr.Kavi Kumar R, Maveric systems, Chennai
13.1.12 NSS National Voters Day College class auditorium Mrs.Aruna Dinakaran, HOD, Tamil Dept, DSCASW
13.1.12 Tamil Staff Training Programme Room no:213, ' B ' block Mrs.Aruna Dinakaran, HOD, Tamil Dept, DSCASW
18.1.12 MB Personality Development programme on leadership Quality & Time Management Room no 310 ' B ' block Mr.R Shanmuganathan, Soft skill trainer, Lamps Institute,Ariyalur
23.1.12 NSS Inaugration of NSS College campus, Alambandi Mr.Siva Kumar,DSP, Perambalur
24.1.12 NSS Temple, School campus cleaning Alambadi NSS voluntairs
25.1.12 Commerce National Level Conference on e-business Auditorium Dr.A Mayil Murugan, Chairman, The Madura College, Madurai
25.1.12 English Workshop on Comparative Literature 111 room Ms.Anu Smitha Sebastian, Ast.Prof.Periyar EVR college,Trichy
25.1.12 NSS Special camp on "healthy youth for healthy India" Senjeri NSS voluntairs
26.1.12 Dhanalakshmi Srinivasan group of institutions Republic Day celebration College Shri.A Srinivasan, Chairman, DS group of institutions
26.1.12 NSS Yoga training programme Alambadi Mr.Sundar Manavalakalai, Prof.Perambalur
27.1.12 NSS Medical camp Thirupeya Dr.Partha Sarathy, Dr.Sudha, DS hospital Perambalur
28.1.12 NSS Blood donation camp Senjeri Blood bank Govt, hospital, Perambalur
28.1.12 RRC Blood donation camp Senjeri Blood bank Govt, hospital, Perambalur
28.1.12 HRDC Campus drive by i-gate patni, Banglore DSCASW Mr.leo Anto, HR, Khalid Iqbal, HR Manager, i-gate patni, banglore
29.1.12 NSS Validiction Alambadi Dr.L Ganeshan, NSS coordinator BDU
30.1.12 Bio-chemistry Outreach programme on Health & Discipline R.C. Fathima elementary school Dr.R Sathya, Ms.P Nirmala Devi, Ast Prof, Dept of Biochemistry, DSCASW
31.1.12 HRDC Career development Programme Auditorium Mr.Syed, Head Operations
3.2.12 CS & IT Recent trends ' Nasert '12 ' Auditorium Mr. Saravanan Dharmalingam, Solution architect and project manager, Accenture, Banglore
4.2.12 Tamil Staff Training Programme Room no 213, ' B ' block Dr.Rahamath lecturer, Tamil Dept, SASC, Perambalur
6.2.12 & 7.2.12 HRDC Campus drive by AKT academy Auditorium Mrs.Jayanti, Principal, AKT academy
7.2.12 Life science dept Endowment lecture on " Bio diversity and its conservation" Auditorium Dr.S Sridharan, Controller, BDU
8.2.12 Chemistry State Level Workshop on Micro scale techniques in chemistry Auditorium Dr,S Murugan, Head. ST Hindu college, Nagakovil
9.2.12 MB Career orientation programme on Food preservation MB lab Mrs.P. Gajalakshmi, HOD,MB, DSCASW
9.2.12 & 10.2.12 English National seminar on India in Indian writing in English Auditorium Dr.Chellppan, Dr.Rajaram,
13.2.12 CA Out reach programme on basics of internet Govt, HSC, Chettikulam Ms.S Subadhra & N Sangeetha, DSCASW
13.2.12 Commerce Out reach programme on Banking operation & post office Chettikulam Govt HSS Ms.R Angaiyarkanni &
Mrs. A Ramalakshmi, Lecturer,Dept of Commerce, DSCASW
13.2.12 Tamil Out reach programme Gvt, HSC, Kurumbalur Dr.K.Sathyapriya,Dr.P.Radha, DSCASW
14.2.12 Commerce Out reach programme on Banking operation & post office Chettikulam Govt HSS Ms.R Jayasri & Ms. P Sudha, Lecturer,Dept of Commerce, DSCASW
14.2.12 CA Out reach programme on Motivation Govt, HSC, Chettikulam Ms. V Komayil & G Archana, DSCASW
16.2.12 Management Studies Out reach programme on e-banking Gvt,HSC, Pavilpalayam Ms.B.Sindhiya, Lecturer, Management Studies, DSCASW
17.2.12 MB Guest lecture on Novel antibiotics from Actinomycetes Seminar hall Dr.R.Sudha, Ast. Prof., Karpagam University, Coimbatore
20.2.2012 BT & BIF Guest lecture on recombinant technology Auditorium Dr.A Sivasankari, Women Scientist, IIT, Chennai
20.2.12 Commerce Guest lecture on Job opportunities for women Room no:310 Dr.K Vetrivel, Ast.Prof, Dept of economics,BDU
21.2.12 RRC Interactive section New auditorium Mr.Palani vel Raja, CTC counselor, Perambalur, Ms.Selvi, social worker
22.2.12 Chemistry Guest lecture on Career prospectus in research Seminar hall Dr.S Isaiab, Ast Prof, PG & research dept of chemistry, Bishop Heber college, Trichy
22.2.12 Tamil Out reach programme Gvt, HSC, Kurumbalur Ms.Jayanthi, Ms.K.Sumithra, DSCASW
23.2.12 & 24.2.12 Physics Phusis '12, National Symposium & Inter collegiate meet Auditorium Dr. D Haranath, Scientist, New delhi
25.2.12 Physics & Mathematics "Earth bounties", endowment lecture Auditorium Dr.V Subramaniyan, Ast prof, National college, Trichy
27.2.12 MB Out reach programme on children health care Senjeri Panchayat Ms.V.Aruna, Lecturer,DSCASW
28.2.12 Physics National Science day celebration Auditorium Dr, B Karthikeyan, SEC Principal
29.2.12 CA National seminar on computation finance & cloud computing (Avatar 12) Auditorium Mr.Rajasekaran Subramaniyan, PMP, VP, Project solutions, Mr.Srinivasan Annamalai, Chief solution architect, ASSVST JT, Kerala
1.3.12 Chemistry Guest lecture on nutrition through life cycle Seminar hall Dr.R Sathya, Ast prof, Dept of Bio chemistry, DSCASW
1.3.12 Bio chemistry Out reach programme on, Discipline with its moral value Eash school Ms. B Pragatheswari, Ms. G Kirthika, Lecturer, Dept of Bio chemistry, DSCASW
1.3.12 Physics Out reach programme on Fundamental Science Panchayat union school, Aranai Ms.A.Srividhya, Ast prof.,DSCASW
2.3.12 Bio chemistry & Citizen club Health & environment Auditorium Dr. Kalavathi, Dept of Bio Chemistry, Bishop college, Trichy
2.3.12 MB Out reach programme on Importance of life science Gvt.,HS, Perambalur Ms.G.Latha, Lecturer, DSCASW
5.3.12 MBA BIZ Fest '2K12, National level Management meet Auditorium Mr.Kenneth Ambrose, CEO, BT Career academy, Chennai
5.3.12 CA Workshop on pagemaker Info park Mr.R Srinivasan, SRM, Thuraiyur
5.3.12 CS & IT Workshop and guest lecture on page maker and photo shop CS lab Mr. G Mannan, Indian software systems, Trichy
5.3.12 BT & BIF Career orientation programme on training in clinical laboratory techniques Seminar hall Ms. B Pragatheswari,
Ms. P Murugasundarin, Lecturer, Dept of Bio chemistry, DSCASW
5.3.12 Physics Guest lecture on crystal growth techniques Physics lab Mr.T.Thaila, Ast Prof., SEC, Perambalur
5.3.12 Commerce Career Development Programme Class room 311, ' A ' block Ms.T.Karpagavthi, IOB, Permabalur
6.3.12 Chemistry Personality Development Programme on discover the power in you Seminar hall Mr.R Shanmugam, Softskill trainer, Lamps Institute of English learning, Ariyalur
7.3.12 Tamil Thirukural exam Vanambadi Tamil Dept Dr.Aruna Dinakaran, HOD, Tamil Dept, DSCASW
7.3.12 Management Studies Out reach programme on e-banking Gvt, HSC, Pavilpalayam Ms.K.Nivetha, Lecturer, Management Studies, DSCASW
14.3.12 Consumer club & Rotract club Out reach programme on consumer awareness Govt. school, Aranarai Mr.S.Senthil Kumar, CCC, Regional Coordinator, Trichy
14.3.12 EXNORA & YRC Prize distribution for various competition & leader ladder Auditorium Mr.S.P.Mohan, President, TN State youth Exnora, Trichy
14.3.12 Consumer club & Rotrat club Outreach programme on Consumer awareness Govt school, Aranarai Mr.S.Senthil Kumar, Regional coordinator, Citizen consumer club, Collectrorate, Trichy
15.3.12 HRDC Campus drive by Sutherland Global Solutions Auditorium HR team, Sutherland Global Solutions
24.3.12 HRDC Campus drive by Rock Smile solution Auditorium HR, Rock Smile solution
29.3.12 Commerce Budget discussion 2012-13 Auditorium Dr.A.Arulraj, PG & research Dept of Economics, Rajah Sarfoji, Govt college, Tanjore
30.3.12 HRDC Campus drive by Maveric Systems, Chennai Room no :310 Mr.Shankar, Mr.Krishna Kumar, HR, Maveric systems, Chennai
31.3.12 DSCASW 16th College day celebration College Shri.Kannan Narasimham, Ast., VP, Quality Mahindra Satyam, Chennai
10.4.12 HRDC Campus drive by Ashok Leyland Room no 7 & 8 Mr.N.Muralidharan, Mr.E.Prakash,
HR, Ashok Leyland
10.4.12 HRDC Placement day Auditorium Shri.A.Srinivasan, Chairman, DS group of institutions.