Department of Food Technology & Quality Control


Bachelor of Science in Food Technology and Quality Control is a three-year undergraduate course is the science of processing and packaging of food items. Fruits, vegetables, sea foods, meats, cooked foods, snacks, confectionaries, beverages, juices, canned juices and fruits all come under the preview of food technology. This practical and informative course provides participants with foundational knowledge related to all aspects of food science presented by world renowned experts. This course is designed for any one working in food industry or in the field of food science in order to increase their knowledge in food chemistry, food processing, sensory science, food safety, food packaging and functional foods and Nutraceutical.

  • To train the students to be competent working professionals in the food industry, in the production of quality food by imparting better nutritional, sanitation & hygiene concepts.
  • To encourage students to the entrepreneurs and develop the capacity for setting up small scale enterprises with respect to food within the country.
  • To organize functions for creating awareness about the importance of safe processed nutritious food.
  • To provide diagnostic analysis of food products.
  • To gain basic understanding and appreciation of food science and quality control.
  • To explore their interests within the broad aspects of food science, allowing them to match their interests with potential career opportunities in food industry.
  • To learn basic food composition and its effect on food characteristics.
  • To gain fundamental understanding of a relationship between environment, microorganisms, food borne illness and food safety.
  • To learn basic concepts of management in food industry.
  • To gain general understanding of food quality, hygiene and sanitation.
Programmes offered
  • B.Sc., Food Technology and Quality Control