Department of Forensic Science


Forensic science is the application of science to the process of law. The department of forensic science aims at inculcating the students with knowledge and skills required for the cracking the criminal cases. It is a multi-disciplinary course involving the pure science such as physics, chemistry, biology, psychology and law. DSCASW is one of the colleges in Tamil Nadu which offers undergraduate course in Forensic Science.


The crime rates are increasing and more than three crore cases are pending. The rate of conviction is low due to the lack of proper evidence to facilitate conviction. This course helps students gain knowledge and skill required to solve cases from fraud and forgery, rape, murder to uncovering smuggling of plutonium and endangered species.

  • To provide the basic knowledge and principle of forensic science.
  • To develop problem- solving skills in a stepwise fashion.
  • To inculcate diverse skills and abilities involved in various fields of forensic science.
  • To develop laboratory skills.
  • To develop conceptual understanding of Criminal Justice System and Legal System.
  • To produce ethical and skilful graduates, who can articulate the professional standards.
Programmes offered
  • B.Sc., Forensic Science