Department of Psychology


Bachelor of Science in Psychology is a three-year undergraduate course which involves the study of mental processes, motives, reactions, feelings, conflict resolution, crisis management, groupthink, motivation and nature of mind. The Psychology major educates students by enhancing their understanding of behavior and its biological, emotional, social, and cognitive roots and effects. A Bachelor’s course in the subject aims at equipping students with comprehensive knowledge and skills in regards to human psyche and actions by basing them on some concrete principles and understanding. There has been an increase in the need for psychology and human behavior experts to take up various roles at rehab and counseling level in the market. B.Sc course in Psychology transforms students into qualified practitioners.

  • To demonstrate knowledge of psychological sciences
  • To think critically and solve problems
  • To conduct research and analyze data
  • To communicate effectively
  • To demonstrate information literacy
  • To understand and implement ethical principles
  • To apply psychological knowledge and skills
Programmes offered
  • B.Sc., Psychology