In the modern context physical education has been recognized as an integral part of general education. Since physical education derives its principles both from art and science it will be appropriate to treat it as an art and science at the same time its an art because it is aesthetic imaginative and creative. Physical education being a rare combination of science and art can be termed as artistic science.


Physical education has a special significance unique role and has made unlimited contribution in the modern age as it caters to the biological, sociological and psychological necessities of the man.


Dr.K Akila, B.Sc, B.P.Ed, M.P.Ed, M.Sc in Yoga, M.Phil, PG Dip in F.M., Ph.D., SET.,

Directress of Physical-Education

Part Time Staff

Mrs. R.Kavitha , BA(YOGO),D.Y.D.T.T,D.V.P., Yoga Instructor

MS.R.Madhumathi, BA(YOGO)D.Y.., Yoga Instructor

Our players

  • 150 national players
  • 350 state players
  • 15 south zone inter university players
  • 750 District players